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A true global baking phenomenon, 7DAYS™Soft Croissants are now freshly baked in America. They’re a deliciously flaky, buttery pastry with a creamy filling for a combination that satisfies. And, 7DAYS™ Soft Croissants are quick and fun to eat without the crumbly, stickiness of other snacks. They are so convenient and portable; a perfect on-the-go snack for anytime of the day. No wonder 7DAYS™ are satisfying the hunger and craving of today’s fast moving generation.


Available as single serve and minis, 7DAYS™ Soft Croissants are baked in three flavors: chocolate, vanilla and cherry. So, enjoy 7DAYS™ as a fast breakfast to go, a filling afternoon snack, or for a sweet late night craving. Because Nothin' Gets You Started Like 7DAYS™!



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